Professional Job-Search Advocates

Job InterviewAt HR Associates, we consider our recruiters as professional, Job-Search Advocates for candidates who apply. Any good staffing firm’s first priority is to market the job seekers who apply. Applicants quickly understand their value to our success, a daily goal of placing candidates on an assignment.

Best practices in staffing require a company to conduct in-depth interviews and background checks on every applicant. Recruiters should review an applicant’s experience and advise them as to the current skills on demand. A recruiter will clarify what type of position the candidate is looking for, a good fit for, and who’s hiring.

Personal Advisor

A great recruiter is considered a “Career Advisor & Arbitrator” to a job applicant to the company needing to supplement their workforce. Recruiters can offer employer insights so an applicant may tweak their resume to improve their chances of a second interview with a potential employer. Additionally, applicants should do their career research & dress-for-success for their interview, if they want the Arbitrator to offer-up their knowledge of the prospective employer.

Talk To Me

Honest communication between candidates and recruiters is crucial to the job search process. A good recruiter will always ask permission before sending a resume to a client, for example. Through great communication and best practices, an HR Associates’ recruiter will never misplace an applicant; our Ultra Staff software will not allow it. Our recruiters live in Ultra Staff software, it is virtually (pardon the pun) the life blood of the company. All communications, notes, resumes, and assessments are entered into our Ultra Staff database for easy retrieval.  Future skill searches will inevitably bring an associate’s resume to the top of a list because of the skill set listed. Expressing to an applicant that HR Associates’ entire staff will put in the necessary effort on their behalf is usually the key to great communication.

By The Numbers

According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), more than 3 million people work for America’s staffing companies each week, with 76% of those jobs being full-time. Great staffing companies use great recruitment processes and their clients come to depend on those processes to save time and money. Although with the pandemic, many office jobs have went virtual and may never return to brick and mortar environments. Fortunately, HR Associates caters mainly to the Southwest Ohio manufacturing industries and their workforce.

Finally, job seekers should just get out there and find a few recruiters to work for them. You really can’t beat the price at HR Associates.


“I’m a great believer of luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”            ~Thomas Jefferson

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