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Writing an "Exceptional Resume"

Resume writing isn’t easy and a two page, one paragraph resume will get tossed  immediately. The following bullet points are a few important tips to remember.

  • The purpose of a resume is to land an interview, keep it short an sweet with no personal embellishments
  • Use “Keywords” to back up your qualities and strengths
  • Proofread, proofread, and proofread forward and backward, then again tomorrow
  • Do not include “References” , employers know they are available
  • No Pictures or Funky Fonts
  • Pay attention to Punctuation, visit this Western Washington University link for Associated Press Style Essentials” 
  • Preferably one page, no more than two
  • Use “Action Verbs” like managed or planned
  • Create an email proof formatting: “Paste” your resume in the body besides sending the “Word” format so it doesn’t look broken when read
  • Visit HR AssociatesResources and Downloads” page for interactive “Resume Templates“.

The internet age has created a necessity for electronic email resume submissions. One item on your “Resume Checklist” is to  create a contemporary email account with Gmail or Hotmail using your initials or actual name. Creating this account is more professional and your will go unnoticed by prospective employers.

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  1. I also find that when reading resumes that I am drawn to the ones that prove what is said on the cover sheet. I fully agree with the bullet statement format and using the action words. Don”t overstate your abilities because when in an interview it becomes very obvious that you have. Also with the bullet points keep them short and concise and directed toward the job you are trying to get. When calling someone in for an interview the interviewer will use these points to form questions that they need the info for and will expound from there.

    • Pedro on at

      An objective statement in a resume is passe.Instead of writing an objective, write a strong summary of your experience, skills, and education, in your resume, that focuses on fulfilling the needs of the employer.Don’t worry about the objective. Think for a moment you are the employer. Are you interested in resumes that clearly focus on addressing the needs of the job and improving the bottom line of your company? Or are you interested in resumes that tell the objectives of the applicants?If you believe in the first, turn the spotlight on a strong summary in your resume by emphasizing your experience and skills that will tell the employer how you can be an asset to the company.Read the 10 Tips for Writing a Perfect Resume at: Best of luck!

    • Kouki on at

      Imagine going into a store as a customer, and nodboy wants to wait on you or meet your needs- they just want your money. Its doubtful you will buy anything.Now understand that are in business for yourself, selling the product called you. The prospective employer is shopping- looking for something to fill his needs. Like you, if he gets the idea you won’t appreciate his business or your product will be unreliable and troublesome, he probably won’t buy.Your ambition is way too low, as are your goals. You look at a job as an entitlement instead of an opportunity. You would be surprised to know how quickly that is spotted by an employer, and I am one. I wouldn’t hire you because you show enough in the small statement above to tell me you won’t be worth the money- even at minimum wage. Get hungry, be willing to give people their money’s worth and things will change.

  2. Your tips are really good, i like this point very much Do not include “References” , employers know they are available. thanks a lot for shairng this information.

    • Paulo on at

      Certain jobs, there are some skills that are alaways greatly desired by employers. Lets look at some common resume skills lists that most people should put on their resume.

    • Yam on at

      Noticed and memorable means also hviang a focused approach. Job seekers may be applying to 50+ jobs on average, but the individual reading your resume doesn’t need to get that sense when they look at your resume. Make sure you show each employer only the skills that are relevant for the job you’re applying to, so you’re easy to recall and not forgotten after bombarding them with skills.

  3. CimiSlisa on at

    Today is virtuous poorly, isn’t it?

  4. Ohene on at

    This is a great question. Being a recent graduate myself, finding a job seems impossible. The biggest thing you can do is network, and social media allows for tons of networking opportunities. Each time I applied for a job (which I usually found on an online job search website) I would go to LinkedIn and try and connect with whoever was in charge at that particular company. This gives you two different outlets to apply, and an employer will likely remember your name if they see it twice. This will show you are interested, and it worked for me!