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HR Associates is the Miami Valley leader in workforce staffing, providing employment solutions to candidates and companies since 2007. Always using the latest IT, the scope of our Piqua team's reach is, literally, endless. Convenience for candidate and client alike is of the utmost importance.        We can help!


At HR Associates, matching exceptional people is our expertise. Since 2007, HR Associates has been a leading provider of thoroughly vetted workers to Miami Valley companies. We offer a complete range of employment solutions and resources you’d expect from a large corporation while maintaining the personal touch of a small company.

 With HR Associates’ Gateway Vetting process, candidates are thoroughly screened, so they can perform, day one, with minimal training. Our comprehensive process requires candidates to have a valid driver’s license, a home or cell phone, and a high school diploma or GED. Each candidate must have previous work experience in the field which they are applying for.

 After the application process has been initiated, we screen every candidate to include: in-person interviews, a criminal background check, follow-up calls to verify and evaluate a candidate’s work history.  Before an associate's start date, our team will administer, one of two types of 10-panel employment drug screens. For transparency, every candidate's Gateway Vetting is documented within our Ultra Staff software database. In addition, HR Associates can perform client orientation and onboarding requirements, including safety videos and skills testing, which will save valuable time and reduce your workload.

 Using HR Associates’ advanced staffing software, Ultra Staff, qualified candidates are effortlessly retrieved from our extensive associate database;   an  associate cooperative  recognized  as  one  of  the best in  the  Upper  Miami Valley. We also offer bi-directional integration with our database through this interactive website.

 As an extension of a client’s HR department, HR Associates’ recruiters assist in the development of a robust client workforce and become an integral part of the client’s human resource team.

Whether you need a career change or just want to get your workforce up to speed, we can help. Serving the Miami Valley staffing industry since 1992, Heather Risner, has the network connections you’re looking for.    Let’s go to work!


From the beginning, HR Associates' business model has included all of the following attributes, which as a client, you can depend upon.

In-depth interviews which include a candidate's desired shift length and any credentials they have such as technical, clerical, trade, or computer skills.

 We conduct a thorough employment reference check on each candidate looking for a solid work history and experience.

 HR Associates utilizes two types of in-house drug screens, a 99% accurate, FDA certified, Confirm Biosciences' Urinalysis Drug Screen or T-Square's Oral-Fluid Drug Screen, both with unique, built in adulteration. We only use 10 panel screens for complete testing of the most common street drugs in use today. Random testing is available anytime for our clients.

HR Associates has the ability to conduct a complete 5-tier background check; covering criminal, Social Security validation, driving record, BWC (Bureau of Workers Compensation), and education.

Additionally, we include industrial evaluation of basic math, reading comprehension, safety, warehouse skills and in-house dexterity testing.

 When an associate with a higher level of expertise is needed, we proudly offer IBM Talent Assessments' skills testing. This optional screening solution covers over 1350 validated assessments in virtually any field including behavioral. Candidates are tested at our facility with instantaneous results.

Clients are able to conduct more in-depth interviews in HR's conference room, making staff changes a little less hectic. When hiring demands discretion, we can help.

HR Associates’ management knows staffing problems don't just happen from 9 to 5, so that’s why we are on call 24/7 to service a client's immediate needs.

HR Power Points

In-Depth InterviewsDiscreet Use of HR’s Conference RoomUpdated Dell Server For Ultra Staff Performance
Thorough Employment Reference CheckAn Associate Healthcare BenefitDaily Database Cloud & Tape Backup
In-House 10-Panel Drug Screen24/7 Management SupportBetter Business Bureau Accreditation
Personal Background Check9K Strong, Associate CooperativeMiami County Safety Council Member
Industrial or Behavioral EvaluationInteractive Website Application with Client job ListingsCorporate Owned Office Building
IBM Talent AssessmentsABD’s Ultra Staff Annual Software UpdatesDayton, Piqua, & Tipp City Chambers of Commerce
Client “Connect” NewsletterSpooner Inc., an Exceptional TPA to the Ohio BWCNo-Cost Client Safety Assessments

What We Offer

Temporary Employees

Clients can maintain peak productivity with a flexible workforce. Tap into our associate pool for short term assignments, special projects, or peak season work. Get quicker results when you are pressed to do more with less.


Temp to Hire

This workforce solution allows companies the opportunity to evaluate job performance before offering a full-time position. When it's time for your team to grow, you will know if an associate is a correct organizational fit.


Direct Hire

HR Associates will take care of the hiring process for you. We will advertise your job, screen resumes, conduct interviews and test candidates. IBM Talent Assessments’ testing saves companies' valuable time and money by identifying highly qualified associates quickly and easily. After the client reviews our candidate's portfolio, a second interview by the client can be done discreetly in our office or at the client’s facility. The final selection is made by the client, of course.

Contract Hire

Self-employed contractors working within a company can be invoiced through HR Associates. This program solution allows an expanding company access to a local payroll preventing contract delays due to corporate red tape.



HR Associates can reduce the risk and workload for companies by Payrolling returning employees or new hires.

HR Associates processes an employee direct deposit payroll, W2s, federal and state payroll taxes, social security, unemployment insurance, Ohio's BWC insurance program, healthcare benefit premiums, and all employee payroll deductions. We significantly reduce the risks and costs associated with hiring, benefits, taxes, the BWC and long term compensation.         Let’s Talk!

We Connect The Best Talent With Solid Companies

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Our clients have come to expect and depend on HR Associates’ exceptional service. Our service always begins by being up close and personal with our associates. Different positions require different skill sets and personalities. Truly understanding every associate’s character, expectations and skill is an art, which we take pride in every day.

Let’s get to work!