A Living Wage: Family First

The following was a response given to a “Made in Dayton” blog post, The Root of the Manufacturing Workforce Problem: Trust .

“HR Associates Personnel Service in Piqua supplies qualified employees to more the 30 manufacturers in Darke, Miami, and Shelby Counties. A major problem we see is the lack of a living wage being offered to our associates. The lions share of entry level manufacturing jobs pay $9-$12 per hour and many utilizing 12 hour swing shifts. Most of these companies are beginning to find it extremely difficult to attract good people. Locally, this difficulty is due in part because the Unemployment Rate in Shelby County has dipped below 6% in May according to the Sidney Daily News. When I say “good people”, I really mean a man or woman trying to provide for their family, which would include being able to spend time with their kids.
Everyone knows if you want to buy a home, a new car (every 6 years now), and provide Healthcare for the family, you aren’t even coming close to achieving those goals with this kind of salary.
Many companies used the “Great Recession” to whittle away at wages. In December 2012, according to the U.S. Labor Department, wages have turn the corner from the steady decline since 2009, check out my blog on the subject, https://www.hr-ps.com/have-wages-turned-the-corner/ .
Finally, my Dad wired school busses for Superior Coach in Lima back in the 70’s and was making $12/hour and it was still a struggle to raise 4 kids. My mother worked as a Nurse’s Aid during this time to make ends meet. Those 2 incomes provided a house, one new car every 4 years, and a visit to the Smoky Mountains occasionally. My point is, if you want people to be proud of their job, make sure they can provide for their families and reach for the American Dream.” (Without having to work 70 hours a week and having absolutely no personal time to enjoy with their family)