Social Media In The Workplace

Social Media @ Work

It is important for employers to realize that social media in the workplace is here to stay and not necessarily a counter-productive activity to their bottom line.  With social media changing the way most people communicate, setting guidelines during work hours is essential. Employers should institute clear social media policy for their workforce, which spells…

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The Interview Follow Up

Human Resources Manager

Even as COVID restrictions end, companies continue to interview candidates remotely, emphasizing the importance of a follow up email. Not being able to have a face-to-face interview can dramatically reduce your chances of a career change. Not everyone is articulate and not being able to dress-for-success when heading to an interview, just reduces your odds…

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Professional Job-Search Advocates

Job Interview

At HR Associates, we consider our recruiters as professional, Job-Search Advocates for candidates who apply. Any good staffing firm’s first priority is to market the job seekers who apply. Applicants quickly understand their value to our success, a daily goal of placing candidates on an assignment. Best practices in staffing require a company to conduct…

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Stress @ Work

        Stress @ work: by the numbers…   A few other remedies to consider, Be sure to give yourself time to eat breakfast which will help to get your mind set for the day. Avoid conflict with co-workers, life is short and it is just not worth the effort and associated headaches.…

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Self Diagnostic: Improving Your Job-Hunting Experience

Occasionally, an opportunity presents itself to take a good hard look at your corporate self through the eyes of the job-hunter. A online Harris Poll in 2019, for the American Staffing Association, surveyed 2,022 U.S. adults to discover reasons why they may decline a job offer. As the list will reveal, most of the responses…

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The Trades, Best Educational Value

With the ever rising costs of a post-secondary education, attending a Trade School is considered one of the best educational values for anyone looking to improve their skill set.  Nationally, Trade School attendance rose 60% between 1999 and 2014, according to NCES, the National Center for Education Statistics. The average graduation rate for a 4…

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Best Reasons For Using A Staffing Service

Why should a company use a staffing service? As any hiring manager knows, the biggest asset & expense of any company is it’s workforce. The American Staffing Association (ASA) polled 500 businesses and 59% of the companies sited needing help finding good permanent employees as the reason to use a staffing service. We wanted to…

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The Great Pause Begins To Rebound

Has the COVID-19 Economy, “The Great Pause”, begun to rebound? Recent data from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM),  suggests the Great Pause Economy may have hit bottom and has begun a slow rise to recovery. Besides perceived disruptions in raw materials supply, many economic indicators were up in May, which included production, new orders,…

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Clean Hands 101

Most healthcare experts agree, the single most important preventative measure to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus and other germs is to wash your hands. You can’t always control what you touch or who else has touched it.  An invisible enemy is lurking in plain sight, so look after your own hands. According to WebMD,…

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