Team Recognition: Boost Engagement & Job Satisfaction

Team RecognitionHaving a solid Team Recognition strategy will speak volumes to this connected generation; boosting engagement and job satisfaction. Giving accolades, for a job well done, builds personal esteem and can enhance the company culture. According to, lack of recognition is the #1 reason for employees’ switching jobs. In fact, 69% of those surveyed said, they would be more likely to stay, if offered more rewards and recognition.

Reducing turnover and keeping employees motivated is high on any company’s list of goals. A simple “Thank-You” can increase an employee’s productivity and performance by 14%. Be sure to celebrate work anniversaries, they can increase an employee loyalty by 3 times. In addition, when a company rewards a positive behavior, 92% of employees will repeat that behavior. (* Let’s dig into what your workforce will respond too and in a big way.

Personal Appreciation

  1. Thank-you notes. While many workers only want an occasional, verbal “Thank-You” , there is something old school about a hand written note. Do it often as needed.
  2. Gift cards say thank you for a job well done and will change the pressures of the day to a smile.
  3. Share a Swag Bag < bag of company logo stuff. People love to belong; they may as well have your logo on it.
  4. Bonuses scream “Exceptional work” and “You are on your way”.
  5. A Wellness Stipend will put the focus on their personal wellness & that you care.
  6. Just Because” Surprise. Flowers or all of the above.
  7. Personalized Gift/Award… Just like that Little League Trophy on your closet shelf, an engraved thank-you will last a lifetime.
  8. Write a HAIKU (A Words of Affirmation Verse) Here are examples of something very unexpected and memorable.

you thought different

nourished creativity

and sowed seeds of change

 — a Tribute to Steve Jobs


   applications thin   

all  were  selected

a  job well done.

 — S. Radhamani

Group Appreciation

  1. Food Truck Lunch: Susie’s Big Dipper rolls up & you kick it up a notch with SPOTIFY on a Bluetooth speaker. Suddenly, it is a lunch hour to remember… You may want to give thoseFood Truck Lunch neighbors a heads up & invite them over.
  2. Special Treats Junk Food… Buster Bars from DQ are to die for… especially on a hot summer afternoon.
  3. An Engaging Speaker… Having your own personal TED Talk can make everyone’s frontal lobe pop with energy.
  4. Upgrade an office essential… new TV monitor in the breakroom/conference room to break up their day.
  5. Spa-ffice Day… Piqua’s éclat Facial Studio will put a relaxing twist on your day, ask for our sister, Jill. She makes house calls too.
  6. Meaningful gifts…company sponsored happy hour or a weekly team lunch
  7. Random acts of Fun… visit a local movie theater… midday stretch break

 Appreciation Days

  1. Summer FRIDAYS … days off or just a couple of hours early… when business is up and your team feels it… early out will give them something to crow about.
  2. Celebrate Holidays… even St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween.. Who doesn’t like to join in on the midday, St Patrick’s Day fun & celebrate the end of winter. Schedule an extra Red-Letter Day and watch your team’s appreciation climb.
  3. Celebrate Life Milestones: Surprise them with a Hallmark card with an experience inside, ie. tickets to a show or a ballgame.
  4. Close the Office Early
  5. Close the Facility/Office Early: nothing sweeter than a 2 PM close and relieve the Ohio, February doldrums.
  6. DJ for the Day… hand the music to another colleague … an opportunity to connect… who knows, you may have the same taste.
  7. Celebrate Work Anniversaries… A BIG DEAL… an Anti-Gen Z event… JUST DO IT!
  8. Shout-Outs… Public recognition feeds…. Building windows or walls… company newsletters.. shout to the rooftop for your peeps.

Corporate Recognition

  1. Website or Newsletter Features… Focus Point for employee accolades… update your “About Us” page or add to it. We have been telling our stories “Around the Watercooler” in our Connect Newsletter for years.
  2. Volunteer as a Team to a local non-profit… definitely one of the most rewarding and best Team Building endeavors your company can accomplish. Millennials love to aid a cause.
  3. Make Appreciation Visible Albert Schweitzer says, “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” Again and Again… akin to reminiscing, the same story, over and over; like your absent minded, older cousin does every time you visit.
  4. Implement Employee Satisfaction Surveys… digging deeper into the mindset of your Millennials and Gen Z workers to see what makes them tick, and maybe talk, a little better.

A great Team Recognition strategy is a key component to a loyal, stable workforce. Giving your peeps their due will go a long way in developing a strong, engaging workforce and an increase in your bottom line.


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HR Associates President, Heather Risner


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