Social Media In The Workplace

Social Media @ WorkIt is important for employers to realize that social media in the workplace is here to stay and not necessarily a counter-productive activity to their bottom line.  With social media changing the way most people communicate, setting guidelines during work hours is essential. Employers should institute clear social media policy for their workforce, which spells out the dos and don’ts of social media use at work.

Employers should never assume their team knows not to share company information with the public. What is considered common knowledge to some employees, may not even occur to others. Social media (SM) in the Workplace policy should include all of the following points:

  • When posting on SM, at work, be clear, your views are your own and not those of your employer.
  • Be transparent & honest, disclose your identity.
  • Do not submit reviews for your company or its products.
  • Do not comment on work-related matters.
  • Know that you are personally responsible your words, actions and the content you publish.
  • Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or inappropriate and inflammatory conduct.
  • Be sure any online posts about your company or its products or services are accurate and not misleading.
  • Never reveal non-public company information.  (You will lose your job)
  • When taking photos at work, be sure not to reveal competitively significant or confidential information.
  • When considering the use of SM at work, if in doubt about the content, ask! (Your job may depend on it)
  • Importantly, refrain from posting grossly offensive, insulting, or menacing content.
  • Be responsible, internet content is not private and remains forever.

Social Media in the workplace does have potential advantages for employers. According to a SHRM article, improved communication leads to team building and increased productivity. An increase in interpersonal communication, within the workforce, will foster questions and new ideas. Social Media use at work can also promote diversity and inclusion, especially with new hires. Embrace the Social Media Monster to empower & connect your team.


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Social Media In The Workplace

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