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Facebook's Reach: Is Advertising Worth It?

Watching Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning, the question of whether or not  advertising on Facebook was worth the investment? Joe Scarborough didn’t think advertising was worth it because no one ever pays any attention to the ads on the right hand collumn of their Facebook page. Mad Money host, Jim Cramer chimed in and said Facebook sold $3.1 Billion Dollars in ads last year, which is no small sum. Online news source, Search Engine Watch substantiated Facebook ad revenue being up 69% in 2011. (

HR Associates has ran an Advertisement on Facebook in the past and it is really hard to decide whether there was a return on investment for the ad. Just this week, HR Associates went a different direction and gave the benefit to company Facebook Friends. The company reach on Facebook increased from approximately 80 per day up to 675. HR Associates “Likes” increased from 96 to 108 this week because of the friend promo. The viral reach of Facebook is the correct direction companies should go.

A local Piqua pool supply company, Town & Country Pools, is giving away a pool lounge float to attrack new friends to their Facebook Page. The ladies said they were up to 70 likes and were working on more (!/TownAndCountryPools).

The small ads can be customized for a certain demographic which does make them relevant, but growing your fan base through word of mouth (or posts) is by far going to be a more solid route.


Check out HR Associates new radio spot for WMVR Hits 105.5 in Sidney, Ohio: