Three Interview Myths

Myth 1: The Interviewer is Prepared   More than likely, the person doing the interview is overworked and stressed because they need to hire someone. Many companies do not have the HR expertise to complete comprehensive interviews and background checks on candidates. The Interviewer, many times, will take a resume on face value not realizing the risk to their company. Statistic Brain (SB) informs us that 53% of resumes and applications contain falsifications. SB also described 78% of resumes as being misleading with 21% actually having fraudulent degrees listed. Candidates should prepare for an interview by researching an employer’s real need and addressing that need with a viable solution. Do your homework.

Myth 2: The Interviewer Will Ask the Right Questions Human Resource Managers do not always know the qualifications for every job within their company. Stressed and overworked HR Managers cut to the chase and say, “Tell me about yourself”, to fish for information as to your qualifications. If you do your homework, you could offer reference letters from former employers which you have asked to include the skills and tasks you acquired while working for them. Be prepared to stand out among the crowd.

Myth 3: The Most Qualified Person Gets the Job    Inadvertently, many employers will hire clones. Every company has a culture and hiring managers tend to look for a candidate who will fit that mold. Just as the personalities of siblings can be very diverse, the cultures from one company to another are very different. Many times, a less qualified but more outgoing candidate will win the prize, a dream job. A job seeker should reference their homework & practice interview techniques with friends and family. Start a discussion about recent and relevant news about your prospective employer. A company website’s “About Us” page is a good place to start, when looking for something to talk about. In addition, always dress to impress, appearance does matter.

As a last big recommendation, always conduct your personal life professionally, at least until your new job is a done deal. In today’s digital age, some people don’t realize that once their thoughts are out there in the Cloud, the whole world can see them. With the onslaught of the social media craze, candidates will carelessly perform the old adage, “Open Mouth & Insert Foot”.

(Article Revisited from June 2014 Blog)